Business centers of O1 Properties hold New Year charity campaign for children

December 6, 2016. Investment company O1 Properties is holding its third annual campaign, Give Happiness at New Year, collecting gifts for seriously ill children and children at risk. Three Russian charities, Podsolnukh (“Sunflower”), Arifmetika Dobra (“Arithmetic of Goodness”) and Vera (“Faith”) are O1’s partners in this year’s campaign.

The Give Happiness campaign runs from 6 to 19 December 2016 at the White Square, Ducat Place III, White Stone, Bolshevik, Legenda, Lighthouse, Stanislavsky Factory, Krugozor , Silver City and LeFORT business centers .The centers are divided into 5 groups, each collecting gifts for a program of one of the partner charities. The gifts include children's toys, creative kits, computer equipment and sweets. Information about the programs is posted on Christmas trees in public zones of the business centers.

Campaign details on the official website.

The Stanislavsky Factory business center is collecting creativity sets for the Bright World program organized by the Podsolnukh charity. The program works with major Russian children's hospitals, arranging creative activities for children in long-term care. A constant supply of drawing materials and other creative items are needed in order to maintain the program.

The Give Happiness at New Year campaign of O1 Properties is being held in 2016 for the third consecutive year. About 2000 gifts were collected in 2014-2015 for the Miloserdiye ("Mercy") charity. The donors were not only business center tenants, but also people unrelated to the centers who learnt of the campaign from social networks.

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  1. New Year events in Stanislavsky Factory office centre 27 December 2016
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