Stanislavsky Factory to take part in Arts Night 2017

November 01, 2017. The Stanislavsky Factory business centre will take part in Russia’s Arts Night on 4 November 2017, when cultural venues across the country will open their doors for concerts, performances, exhibitions and special events.  The MosPromArt project, which studies Moscow’s industrial heritage, will hold a guided tour of the Stanislavsky Factory, entitled "Industry and Art: from Stanislavsky to Korzhev." The buildings of the business centre were formerly an important industrial site, owned by the family of the famous Russian theatre director, Konstantin Stanislavsky.

The tour will also visit the former Tsindel factory (a major cotton manufacture before 1917) and the Institute of Russian Realistic Art. It will focus on the industrial processes that were carried out at these sites, pre-revolutionary industrial architecture, and some fascinating creative initiatives, which originated in these factory buildings. The tour will be led by Denis Romodin, coordinator of the MosPromArt project and a historian of architecture.

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