History of Stanislavsky Factory

The gold wire braid mill of brothers Alekseev was founded in the area of modern-day Taganka in the early XIX century. From 1882 to 1917 the plant was steered by the founders' grandson Konstantin Alekseev who went down in the world history under the stage name of Stanislavsky. Combining the mill management with his passion for theatre, Konstantin Stanislavsky created under the factory a drama troupe from clerks and workers and later opened a theatre.

In 1920 the mill was nationalized and on its basis electric drive factory was established, whereas Konstantin Stanislavsky fully devoted himself to theatrical activities.

In 2004 the buildings of the former plant were acquired by Horus Capital which together with the British architectural bureau John McAslan + Partners created an integrated redevelopment project. The historic structures were carefully restored with preservation of the historic looks. A cosy courtyard was added along with contemporary development whose architecture was neatly fitted into the general ensemble. The efforts resulted in an office complex with an incredible ambience, juxtaposing the elegant style with functionality.

In 2010 Stanislavsky Factory was acquired by the investment company O1 Properties.

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